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How to Clear Your Mind?

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3 min readJun 8, 2021


Have you heard one time in your life? Even months you spend brushing your teeth, half a year in the shower, and the whole year cleaning your house but have you ever spent a moment cleaning your mind?

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Have you ever tried to clear your mind?

Going to school, having fun with your friends, and finding love as you grew older. Forget about yourself; you’ve never considered the stress that has been paralyzing your Default mode network on a daily basis ( thinking process).

Your mind is producing fucking ideas. Is it?

You have to clear your machine that is producing multiple ideas from time to time. All worries are connected to the mind. leave the worries, You should focus on yourself first if you want to live a happy life. If you are able to distort them you can do anything for your achievements.

_Break the rules to understand the rules_

Passion required for the right direction

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Practice
  • Action

Firstly you have to clear your mind!

You have a complete plan for your objectives that will lead to a successful outcome. You may be carrying an improper strategy with you at times. Make sure no one has the ability to change it with his/ her argument, make your plans full proof.

After making a full proof plan, you have to acquire the required knowledge and skill, especially, by expertises. They will boost your ideas and potential enough and you have also cleared your queries related to your plan.

But make sure this, your boosted ideas and potential’s resources must be right. Otherwise, false information will create stuff in the mind that leads to ambiguity.

Boosted Ideas:

  • Not theoretically
  • Must be practically

There is no space for ambiguity in our life, especially in our plans. Ambiguity can destroy the whole of your plan, clear your ambiguity first and make a map of your ideas that will clear your mind.




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