How You Can Complete Yourself?

Is completion even necessary?



Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

Sometimes you are passing your life without certain happenings. You go to your friend zone, go at with your girl home, and spend time with your relatives You don’t know or don't understand, what are the reasons behind this, which thing will complete you?

I think personally, this is you who can complete yourself rather than others.

Why you never think about it?

Why you never question it?

Why you never try to resolve it?

Why, why, and why?

Because you never want to try to resolve this question, you always think without any attention to complete yourself.

Sometimes, your requirements are related to just completing our life’s desires that are growing day by day in your soft hearts. you try your best to resolve them but sometimes you not.

What are those things that make you no to do more better?

1_Stop Comparing ourselves to Others

this is a natural phenomenon, we impress soon by someone and try to become the character. But this is no a miracle. this is a real-life, wake up and struggle and put effort on self. our hard work can change ourselves not others. others only give ironic smiles on our failures and degrade ourselves and put us into the dark.

because they never want us to excel and to become their competitor in their way. They always bully us and threaten modernism either work, education, lifestyle, business, or whatever.

The better we know ourselves, the better our relationships with the rest of the world.

We should identify ourselves and work on the desires that will complete us.

2_Take a Back from Social Media

Social media is cancer that is placing on our bodies day by day. we spend our time just scrolling without any intentions, never thinking about being wasted time. Devil things are always tasty.

We can use media for recreations only in our free time, rather we spend the whole day on it.




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