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How to Earn Money from Facebook Page Likes

Consistency with your work is the hallmark of the unimaginative.

Image by the author

When you know about handling your work, then it seems colorful as well as fruitful.

The first thing is to be skilled in which you are going to step in. After this, there is no power to challenge and resist your path.

Internet surfing is a normal routine everywhere but, having no good idea about how to earn money from Facebook page…

Is completion even necessary?

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

Sometimes you are passing your life without certain happenings. You go to your friend zone, go at with your girl home, and spend time with your relatives You don’t know or don't understand, what are the reasons behind this, which thing will complete you?

I think personally, this is you…

Love Your Legend!

Happy Father’s Day to All Dads in the World! Love Your Legends!
By Unsplash source

Father’s Day is a day dedicated to honouring fathers, brothers, uncles, and other significant male figures in your life. We sometimes overlook the sacrifices and efforts made by our fathers and other masculine figures in our lives. …


But It’s the Truth.

More Money and More Problems (Mo Money and Mo Problem) But It’s the Truth.
Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Once, I was working in the fields with my grandpa, as usual, he was talking about his life struggles, efforts, and consistency with his work, because it’s natural, especially in this specific age time period for him, to brag without any hesitation. I didn’t want to listen to his stories…

Self Learning

Meditation Techniques

Have you heard one time in your life? Even months you spend brushing your teeth, half a year in the shower, and the whole year cleaning your house but have you ever spent a moment cleaning your mind?

Photo by Natasha Connell on Unsplash

Have you ever tried to clear your mind?

Going to school, having…

How You Can Wake Up Early Morning

As a child, you were told stories about early risers how they did their whole day’s work and they competed with societies as the best. They were not like ghosts that slept late and woke early.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

If they were not ghosts, what would they be like?

They were normal human…

Motivation, Encourage and Startup

Overcome Your Fear But How

This simple question and manner of thinking completely transformed the way you approached your life and career. It’s so easy to slip into the fear trap with everything going on in the world right now. It can be found everywhere around you.

Think Positive and Do Positive Make Your Weakest Point Strong that Leads to Success! Fear Leads to?
Photo by Sammie Chaffin on Unsplash

Sometimes, your losing points become heavier than your…

Two Minutes Rule for Personal Development ?

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

Personal Development is a long lasting process, yet it doesn’t need to take you in excess of a couple of moments to begin developing yourself..

if you’re familiar with a two-minute rule, you know that any big goal can be broken down into smaller tasks. Some of these small tasks…

Sometime! You are traveling unconsciously. You forget about yourselves what you are doing? What you are trying for? And what is the purpose behind these fucking things that are crawling in your minds?

Change your mind -Follow -@

You never ask or even think a little bit about it from childhood, never questioning about these…


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